Body Massage Treatments


Each massage therapy will include your choice of complimentary blended Aroma Oils either Floral Garden, Summer Morning or Blessing Day.

icon 2 Stress Relief

Natural, soft therapy to reduce instant anxiety and boost full vitality.

*** 60 mins | 380.000 VND - *** 90 mins | 550.000 VND

icon 2 Sport Fan

Hard pressure treatment designs to focus on releasing muscle aches and pains in targeted areas after sports.

*** 60 mins | 420.000 VND - *** 90 mins | 610.000 VND

icon 2 Bazalt Hotstone

The heat from stones penetrates into muscle tissue allowing them to relax 4-5 times quicker than a standard massage, easing muscle tension and revitalizing muscle tissue by increasing blood circulation.

*** 90 mins | 570.000 VND

icon 2 Palmarosa Signature Therapy

Body indulgence with complete exceptional massage therapy, personalized program for Palmarosa spa by an Australian acupunturist.

*** 100 mins | 620.000 VND

icon 2 Jet Lag Recovery

Anti-jet lag massage remedy prevents the reoccurrence of time zone issue with concentration on head, neck and hand using herbal roll-on.

*** 90 mins | 590.000 VND

icon 2 Mother - To - Be Therapy

Helpful support to reduce common prenatal pains for targeted areas including shoulder, lower back and calf.

*** 60 mins | 420.000 VND

icon 2 Child’s Lullaby

Infant massage provides positive tactile experience to soothe, relax and heal kids’ bodies. Organic ingredients within the oil would not affect the sensitivity of their skin.

*** 60 mins | 380.000 VND

icon 2 Foot Massage Signature

Foot massage with hotstone, special herbal foot soak and herbal pack.

*** 75 mins | 490.000 VND

Other Massage Treatments For Particular Targeted Areas

Each massage therapy will include your choice of complimentary blended Aroma Oils either Floral Garden, Summer Morning or Blessing Day.

icon 2 Indian head therapy ( no oil )

The Indian head massage is aimed at relaxing the body by reducing tension and stress of headaches,giving relief from eyestrain, lowering stress levels, decreasing anxiety and helping control and reduce sleep problems.

*** 30 mins | 250.000 VND

icon 2 Indian head therapy ( with warm virgin oil )

*** 45 mins | 330.000 VND

icon 2 Neck, shoulder, back relaxing

Your massage therapist will be concentrates on these areas of the body where tension is most often stored resulting in stress build up by using traditional massage techniques to ease and release the muscles leaving the back, neck and shoulders relieved from tension and stress.

*** 45 mins | 350.000 VND *** 60 mins | 420.000 VND

icon 2 Neck, shoulder, back relaxing with hot stone

This is super soothing for every tense, eaching, sore backs. The heat from the smooth stones really gets into the muscles to relax them, meaning you feel instantly better during and after treatment.

*** 60 mins | 420.000 VND **** 75 mins | 490.000 VND

icon 2 Foot massage

An ancient form of "pressure therapy", this treatment involve applying focused pressure to certain known "reflex" points located in the foot, which correspond to specific areas in the body, return body balance and increase immune response.

*** 45 mins | 310.000 VND - *** 60 mins | 380.000 VND

icon 2 Foot massage with hot stone

*** 60 mins | 420.000 VND

icon 2 Arm massage

*** 30 mins | 250.000 VND

Relaxing Packages

icon 2 Deep Relaxation

A full body massage & Indian head massage


90 mins.

icon 2 Deep relaxation deluxe

Basalt hot stone body massage Indian head massage


120 mins.

icon 2 Palmarosa Spa Signature deluxe

Palmarosa Spa Signature massage Indian head massage


130 mins.

Facial Skin Care Treatments

Using Skin care products by Render-vous.

Rendez-Vous skin care products contain 100% natural and active ingredients, with no water or alcohol, but freshly extracted Aloe Vera leaf juice, exceptional botanicals, and synergic blends of therapeutic grade essential oils. Free from petrochemicals, artificial fragrances, synthetic colorings and preservatives, and unnecessary fillers, rendez-vous products offer a pure concentrate of nature for a pleasurable and effective daily skin care experience.

Please visit our Products section for more information.

icon 2 Relaxing Facial Treatment

A relaxing facial customizes for normal skin type. Promoting a healthier, radiant and brighter looking complexion.

*** 60 mins | 480.000 VND

icon 2 Acne skin facial treatment

The treatment is developed for sensitive, acne-prone skin with 100% organic, hypoallergenic products consisting of tea tree blemish serum to calm acne affection and reduce the appearance of redness and irritation.

*** 75 mins | 550.000 VND

icon 2 Anti aging skin

 The treatment contains rich antioxidant nutrients to smooth the sign of wrinkles, lifting massage and firm the skin.

*** 75 mins | 550.000 VND

icon 2 Signature facial treatment

The luxurious combination of ultimate facial treatment, plus Hyaluronic serum and another special serum depending on your skin type. The treatment is completed with the warm stone massage for neck and arms during your mask time.

*** 90 mins | 610.000 VND

Body Treatment

icon 2 Body Scrub


 End up with application of Premium body lotion for the best result. 

- Brightening - Coconut and Arabica, Robusta coffee

(The 100% natural grown ingredients deliver antioxidant-powered brightening to illuminate skin and revitalize the appearance of skin radiance.)

 - Soothing - Brown rice with Ylang Ylang & Sweet orange Essential Oil

(The original Asian formula gently exfoliates dead skin cells. It is designed to brings an even texture and renewed skin. The unique scent of organic orange oil provides a feeling of relaxed well-being.)

 - Relaxing - Lavender flower with Lavender Essential Oil

(Body calming scrub exfoliation gives the serenity to your body, mind and spirit with a blend of lavender while improving the softness and complexion of your skin.)

 - Moisturizing - Honey, cinnamon, milk and black sesame

(A mild body scrub allows the easy absorption of a skin moisturizer without leaving harmful dead cells to clog the pores. The skin will look rejuvenated and revitalized.)


*** 40 mins | 350.000 VND | 15,7 $

icon 2 Body Wrap

Body wraps are designed to improve the texture and appearance of the skin by helping to rid the body of excess fluids and toxins. The benefits of body wraps may include body contouring, detoxification, skin tightening and skin softening.


The formula consists of organic milk, honey, pound rice and sesame, suitable for combination and sensitive skin. This natural wrap stimulates your circulation, draws out impurities and leaves you a fresh body skin.


Natural and effective clay mud purifies deeply into the pores, soothes the dryness as well as minimizes cellulite appearance. Along with lavender aroma enhancing the soul relaxation.


Raspberry, yogurt and virgin coconut oil based treatment aims to soothe sunburned skin, prevent peeling and restore dehydrated skin.


Our organic papaya contains vitamin C and other natural nutrients which helps to detox the skin without causing any irritations. The treatment is designed to improve the texture and appearance of skin by removing excess fluid and toxins from the body.

*** 40 mins | 350.000 VND

icon 2 Body scrub and wrap package

Package price: 630.000 VND

*** 1 hour 20 mins | 630.000 VND

Nail Services

Using only genuine OPI products.

As the world leader in the professional nail care industry, OPI, a division of Coty, is committed to providing high-quality products and services with a focus on industry safety and innovation. Known for its exceptional formula, fashionable colors and iconic names, OPI’s heavily-pigmented lacquers are super rich, long-lasting, and chip-resistant – offering an affordable luxury to consumers.

Please visit our Products section for more information.

icon 2 Heel care

*** 15 mins | 100.000 VND - 30 mins | 200.000 VND

icon 2 Spa Manicure

*** 25 mins | 165.000 VND

icon 2 Spa Pedicure

*** 25 mins | 165.000 VND

icon 2 French Manicure

*** 30 mins | 180.000 VND

icon 2 French Pedicure

Remove old polish & clean, file nail, cuticle, nail buffer, apply base coat, new color then top coat

*** 30 mins | 180.000 VND

icon 2 Deluxe Manicure

Hands scrub & express hands massage, spa manicure

*** 60 mins | 350.000 VND

icon 2 Deluxe Pedicure

Feet scrub, heel care, express foot massage & spa pedicure

*** 60 mins | 350.000 VND

icon 2 Foot Beauty Ritual

 Feet scrub, heel care, feet mask, massage, pedicure, OPI genuine lacquer

*** 90 mins | 520.000 VND


icon 2 Palmarosa Spa Special Packages

** SHINE & BRIGHT                                  

Herbal Foot Bath/ Body Scrub/ Body Wrap/ 60 minutes Stress relief body massage/Tea break/ Manicure/ Pedicure.  210 mins                             

Value: 1,410,000 VND     

Package price: 1,190,000 VND 

** SWEET DREAM                                    
Herbal Foot bath/ Signature body massage/ 60 Minutes Relaxing Facial skin care/ Tea break/ Foot massage with Hot stone  230 mins                       
 Value: 1,520,000 VND     
Package price: 1,290,000 VND
** BLESSING DAY                                    
Herbal Foot bath/ Bazalt Hot stone body massage/ Indian head massage/ Tea break/ Deluxe Manicure/ Deluxe Pedicure  240 mins                             
Value: 1,520,000 VND     
Package price: 1,290,000 VND
** TRANQUIL SOUL                               
Herbal Foot bath/ Signature body massage/ Signature facial treatment 90 mins/ Warm herbal bath in wooden tube/ Tea break/ Foot beauty ritual   310 mins                             
Value: 1,970,000 VND     
Package price: 1,720,000 VND